Craig Steiff, Dog Trainer & Behaviourist.

I have been professionally involved with dogs in the London area since 2008. During this time I have learned there are many paths to a well-trained dog and that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach isn’t always the answer.

For me, dog training and my experiences in developing their relationships with people has become a vocation rather than just a job (although I do love my job).

I know from personal experiences prior to becoming a dog trainer, what it feels like when something goes wrong in the ‘human-dog relationship’. Today I regard these issues as challenges sent to help us learn and ultimately become better dog owners.

With the right training, undesirable behaviours can be changed, because within every dog there exists… a Well Mannered Mutt.

Sonia Dombroski, First point of contact.

Sonia manages the bookings and will be your first point of contact via phone or email.  

Sonia has the advantage of having been a dog trainer herself since 2001, giving her first hand knowledge of the issues you’re facing and will be able to lend an empathetic ear.


Behavioural dog training

The key to resolving behavioural issues is to develop a better understanding of how your dog sees the world.

General Obedience dog training

With our one-to-one training, we’ll help you understand where the communication between species has become confused.

Puppy Training

Our personalised service starts in your own home.

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